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Obesity Causes and Weight Loss Information
Obesity affects much more than a person's appearance and sense of self-esteem--it also represents a serious health risk for a wide range of illnesses and diseases. Often obesity is just one part of a much larger clinical picture of interrelated imbalances inside the body. Besides poor diet and overeating, there are a variety of physiological dysfunctions that can lead to increased fat production and other sources of weight gain.

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Weight Gain and Obesogens
These are chemicals that are making you fat. Click on link/title above to find out more and what you can do about it

Weight Loss and HCG Diet Plan
This is the fastest growing most safe and effective weight loss plan that is fast and simple. Click on link/title above to find out more.

Weight Gain and Thyroid Hormones
: Thyroid hormone imbalances can slow the body's metabolic rate, promoting an increased tendency to put on weight.
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Weight Gain and Adrenal Hormones:The adrenal hormones cortisol and DHEA play a major role in the body's fat production, and imbalances may even trigger episodes of binge eating. Click on link/title above to find out more.

Weight Gain and Allergies: Many people are unaware that weight gain can be the result of a hidden food allergy. Click on link/title above to find out more.

Weight Gain and Cardiovascular Health: Because obesity greatly increases the likelihood of heart disease, it's best to know how the biochemical environment may also be influencing cardiovascular health. Click on link/title above to find out more.

The information herein is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or a cure. Should you have a medical condition please seek the advice of your medical doctor.

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Teresa Rispoli has her Ph.D. in Nutrition, is a licensed Acupuncturist and clinical researcher. She has been in practice for well over 25 years. It is through her clinical practice that she has gained insights into chronic health conditions.

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