Toxic Exposure

Toxic elements may be present in the body in small amounts, yet they can accumulate with excessive or continual exposure and when body's detoxifying defenses are not up to par. Toxic elements may inhibit enzymes in the body, weaken cell membranes, or impair nutrient delivery, which can lead to illness.

Exposure most commonly occurs through everyday living, with exposure coming from a variety of sources, such as cigarette smoke (cadmium), hydrogenated oils (nickel), fire retardant products (antimony), antiperspirants and antacids (aluminum), some toothpastes and cans (tin), tap water (lead), and tooth fillings and fish (mercury).

As hair can reflect the gradual increases in toxic burden which precede the appearance of major symptoms and correlates well with overall body burden, hair analysis is a valuable tool to detect toxic element exposure.

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