Sexual Dysfunction and Low Libido
Sexual dysfunction is a common disorder affecting both men and women, and can lead to severe emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, and loss of self esteem. Although the likelihood of sexual dysfunction increases with age, many experts stress that it is not simply a "natural" or "inevitable" consequence of aging.

Impotence is estimated to affect as many as 30 million men in the U.S. alone. After menopause, many women experience a decline in libido, sexual pleasure, and the ability to express orgasm. Some men, too, as they age, experience reduced sex drive and steady decline in sexual ability. Others do not--and the difference often lies in hormone function. Several GSDL tests can uncover imbalances that may be triggering diminishing sex drive, impotence, and other problems of sexual function.

Sexual Dysfunction and Male Hormones: Low libido, weakened sexual performance, and a gradual decrease in the size of sexual organ can be caused by falling levels of testosterone in men as they age.

Sexual Dysfunction and Female Hormones: In women, sex drive and sexual pleasure are directly tied to levels of two important hormones.

Sexual Dysfunction and IGF-1: Growth hormone stimulates many of the body's physiological mechanisms associated with youth, including a strong and healthy sexual function.

Sexual Dysfunction and Elemental Imbalances: Nutrients fuel the body, so key mineral shortages, especially when combined with toxic overload, can seriously impair both sex drive and performance.

Sexual Dysfunction and Amino Acids: Amino acids play a vital role in the mechanisms of sexual arousal.

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