Infertility (Male)

Research studies indicate that sperm counts may be declining worldwide over the last half-century, particularly in men from developed regions such as the United States and Europe. Increased stress, lifestyle changes, and environmental contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and hormone-altering chemicals have been cited as possible causes.1

As noted in a recent review on the topic, a multi-faceted therapeutic approach to improving male fertility involves identifying harmful environmental and occupational risk factors, while correcting underlying nutritional imbalances to encourage optimal sperm production and function.2 The following functional assessments provide valuable clinical guidance in utilizing this approach to optimize sperm quality in men.

Male Infertility and Oxidative Stress: Men with higher levels of free radicals in their bodies have a seven-fold reduced likelihood of initiating a pregnancy.

Male Infertility and Element Imbalances: Male fertility may be impaired by exposure to even "moderate" levels of heavy metals.

Male Infertility and Amino Acids: Amino acids imbalances have been linked to abnormal sperm quality.

Male Infertility and Melatonin: Excess levels of melatonin could be nature's way of "shutting down" sperm production.

Male Infertility and IGF-1: Healthy sperm formation and motility may depend on having adequate levels of IGF-I in the body.


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