Headaches and Migraines

Researchers have long puzzled over the biochemical mechanisms responsible for recurring headaches and migraines. Recent evidence points to a strong neuro chemical influence, with a variety of other possible factors playing an important role in provoking headache pain. The following GSDL tests can uncover functional imbalances linked to recurring headaches and migraines:

Headaches and Allergies: Headache symptoms are often alleviated by pinpointing and eliminating offending foods in the diet provoking allergic reactions.

Headaches and Amino Acids: A variety of amino acid imbalances can trigger chronic headache pain.

Headaches and Female Hormones: For many women, headaches are often associated with menstruation or the onset of menopause.

Headaches and Fatty Acids: Fatty acid imbalances can set the stage for headache pain caused by inflammation.

Headaches and Element Imbalances: A recurring headache may serve as an important signal of toxic exposure and chronic nutrient imbalances.

Headaches and Vitamin Deficiency: Vitamins A, B, and D play a vital role in a variety of physiological mechanisms underlying headache pain.

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