Liver Detoxification Programs

Evolving research suggests that the cause of many health problems may be associated with prolonged exposure to various toxic agents in our environment. Some of your health challenges may be related to impairments or imbalances in your body’s ability to properly detoxify and remove these toxic compounds.

The body’s capacity to carry out this complex process of detoxification has to do in large measure with nutrition. Certain foods can burden the detoxification machinery of your body, while certain foods and nutrients can help it. Specific nutrients—vitamins, minerals, and phyto nutrients—may be extremely important in influencing how well your body detoxifies. Your healthcare practitioner might therefore recommended that you embark on a Liver cleansing/detoxification program that involves using one of several medical foods (UltraClear PLUS and AdvaClear), or other nutritional products) in conjunction with a specially designed dietary plan as outlined in the booklet that comes with the product. Each of the following products are made up of combinations of select nutrients in amounts that nutritionally support metabolic cleansing and detoxification processes within your body.

Depending on your liver detoxification ability and health status, your clinician will work with you to determine which products will best meet your particular needs. In some cases, additional nutritional support may be recommended as well.

Click on product name in red for more information on it. Ongoing use of UltraClear PLUS, and AdvaClear may be recommended for those individuals who remain under high levels of toxic exposure and will benefit from liver detoxification.

Another effective but gentle systemic detox product I recommend often is the Comprehensive Detox Kit by Des Bio.

Why is a Liver detoxification Program or whole body detox important?
Many cultures around the world have long believed that toxins accumulate in the body and can be an underlying cause of a variety of health problems. For centuries, different therapies have been used to “cleanse” or detoxify, from simple water fasts to sometimes elaborate regimens of bowel cleansing, steams, and saunas. Western medicine ignored or criticized these techniques for years, but has finally started to recognize detoxification as a vital body process. Research has substantiated that an individual’s ability to detoxify substances to which they are exposed varies tremendously, and the body’s capacity to detoxify these substances is of critical importance to overall health.

In our industrialized world, we produce more and more potentially toxic compounds that find their way into the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. The body must rid itself of these dangerous substances by transforming and then excreting them through the lungs, skin, kidneys, and bowels. Unfortunately, not all of them get excreted efficiently—some are circulated back into the bloodstream and others are stored in various body tissues such as fat tissue. This is in part due to the increasing levels of toxins we are exposed to, and may be exacerbated by a lack of nutrients needed to fuel the detoxification process. Over the years toxins can build up in fat, joints, the brain, and various other tissues, potentially leading to a variety of health issues.

What exactly is the Program?
The program consists of a powdered beverage (Ultraclear PLUS,) along with a specially designed dietary program. Your healthcare practitioner may also recommend you take a nutritional supplement called AdvaClear. The powdered beverages, supplement, and dietary guidelines are all designed to nutritionally support detoxification. The powdered beverages contain specific amounts and types of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that are easily absorbed and utilized. Both the powders and the encapsulated supplement contain unique and specific nutrients and phyto nutrients to support important detoxification processes that naturally occur in your body. Your healthcare practitioner will determine which product(s) best suits your individual needs. For optimal response, the powdered beverages and nutritional supplement should be used along with the comprehensive dietary program described in the booklet provided with the detoxification program.

How can I expect to feel on this program?
How you respond to these products and the dietary program will be determined by your uniqueness (your “biochemical individuality”) and the program you and your healthcare practitioner establish. Many people begin to experience the many benefits of detoxification within a few weeks and show results within a month. Some individuals take longer to notice the results.

Some individuals experience transient reactions to the program as their body adapts to the dietary changes. You may experience mild headaches, muscle aches, or changes in bowel habits. When an unusual symptom such as this does occur, it is generally minor and temporary. Sometimes symptoms serve the useful purpose of providing clues to a persons specific nutritional needs and can be the basis for further individualized adjustment of the program. It is important to maintain a close relationship with your healthcare practitioner, who has knowledge and experience in nutritional health care. If you experience any unusual symptoms or unpleasant effects, be sure to contact your practitioner.

How should I prepare?
While there is no specific preparation necessary—other than willingness to change and the time needed to engage in the process—there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind:

1. Read through the entire program booklet that comes with the specified product. There may be foods recommended that you will want to stock in your kitchen or avoid.

2. If you consume a significant amount of caffeinated beverages or simple sugars, you may experience withdrawal headaches if you discontinue them all at once. We recommend that you gradually decrease your intake of these substances before you start the 28-day program. Discuss this with your healthcare practitioner.

3. While most people have no problem maintaining enough energy on the program (in fact, many people feel more energized), others may need to curtail more strenuous physical activity during the core of the program (days 7-13). Judge for yourself and adjust accordingly.

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