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Welcome To Complete Health
Herbal Programs

Teresa Rispoli, Acupuncturisr & Doctor of Clinical Nutrition will use her skills to customize a chinese Herbal Program or Western herbal program based on her Complete Health Assessment.

Complete Health offers a wide variety of herbs and supplements to suit many needs.
All supplements undergo strict quality control to insure purity, quality and strength. All are organic and in their natural form. We carry the best in nutritional support. We have products to aid in cleansing the colon, detoxification, parasites and rebuilding health as well as specialty items for different health concerns.

It is important to understand that all supplements are not created equal. You can go to Rite Aid or Savon to buy your supplements at a very low price but they will not have the same benefits as ours because they lack the purity, quality, and strength. Most of those products do not meet their label claims.  You can be sure our products have what they say they have.  Other products may contain high levels of toxic metals; lead mercury, copper, to name a few or harmful chemicals, fillers or additives. We stand behind the products we carry.

Complete Health Agoura Hills, CA is a Wellness Center & Alternative and Holistic Health & Beauty Center.

We provide (Click for more info) Acupuncture & CuppingLymphatic DrainageFunctional Nutrition & Nutritional CounselingAlternative & Holistic HealingWellness Programs, Natural Hormone BalancingColon Hydrotherapy, ColonicsDetoxification ProgramsWeight Loss ProgramsCellulite Treatments & Body Sculpting: EndermologieBody WrapsNon-Surgical Face-LiftsEndermoLiftSkin Care & Skin Care ClinicFacialsChemical PeelsAnti-Aging & Skin Care Products & Natural Supplements.

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AMPK-Acitvator-Weight loss
AMPK is a turns on your master fat-burning-switch and reduces obesity, diabetes and promotes longevity
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90 capsules
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The Following Products
AMPK Activator
Turns on fat-burning, protect against obesity, diabetes, promotes longevity. Dangerous belly fat is reduced, increased insulin sensitivity lowering blood glucose, reduced cholesterol, triglycerides and chronic inflammation.

Dry Brush
Dry brushing is a form of lymphatic drainage that exfoliates the skin, thus stimulating skin circulation and renewal and is super soft to the touch.

Super Aloe 250 100 capsules
Product for bowel regularity that works fast, without the artificial additives and associated cramping common to some products.