BIA Body Fat Analysis - $40.00

Is the same as a BIA (bio-impedance analysis) other wise called a VLA (Vitality Longevity Assessment), and is designed to screen for key bio markers which, if abnormal, could lead to accelerated aging and more serious illness.

Your VLA results, will let you know your fat to lean mass ratio. This is important when losing weight. You want to lose fat not muscle. At the very least, will serve as a reality check for your present state of health. At best, they will serve as a valuable focus tool for you and your health care provider to set the stage for improvement in your health which will both delight you and free you from many of your present health concerns.

The BlA information hopefully will empower you to take a more active role in your health and weight loss goals and is used to aid you in your weight loss program which we will design for you.

There are six components to the VLA as Follows:

Body Composition (BCM/ECM/Body Fat)- The human body is made up of two components, fat and fat free mass. The VLA evaluation has the ability to separate the fat free mass into two additional compartments, Body Cell Mass (BCM) and Extra-Cellular Mass (ECM). The ability to create these two compartments is known as three compartment body composition. Body fat is the storage of potential energy storing 3500 calories per pound. Body cell mass, is where body fat is burned when doing exercise or work. Extra-cellular mass, like bone and plasma provide transportation of nutrients, waste and fluids and support for the body.

Body Fluids (ICW & ECW) - Total Body Water (TBW) is the sum of Intra-cellular water (ICW) and Extra-Cellular Water (ECW). Usually, about 60% of total water in the healthy adult is Intra-cellular and 40% is Extra-cellular. When the percentage of Extra Cellular water is greater than norm this could mead Toxin accumulation. In the body's attempt to dilute toxins it raises the extra cellular fluid. The old adage: the solution to pollution is dilution apply's here.

Body Mass Index (BMI) - a ration between weight and height. It is a mathematical formula that correlates somewhat with body fat. In general, if your BMI is high, you may have an increased risk of developing certain diseases including hypertension, cardiovascular disease and others. BMI is a better predictor of disease risk than body weight alone. Competitive athletes, body builders, women who are pregnant or lactating, grown children for frail and sedentary elderly individuals should not use BMI as the basis for estimating their body fat.

Capacitance (CAP) - All living things are made of cells. Cells are membrane bounded compartments filled with a concentrated solution of chemicals and salts. The cell membrane maintains a gradient difference across it which is essential to cell survival. The cell membrane functions as a permeable barrier separating the intra-cellular and extra-cellular components. Capacitance is not effected by body weight or body fat. It is a measurement of cell membrane health and can change dramatically depending on disease or good health. This electrical gradient is necessary to support movement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients. A person's electrical capacitance will increase or decrease depending on the health and number of cells.

Phase Angle (PA) - is based on total body resistance and reactance and is independent of height, weight and body fat. Lower phase angles appear to be consistent with either cell death or a breakdown of the cell membrane. Higher phase angles appear to be consistent with large quantities of intact cell membranes and body cell mass. Phase angle is a predictor of outcome and indicates the course of disease or increases as the result of optimal health based on good nutrition and consistent exercise.

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