ACU-LAZER THERAPY (Acupuncture Alternative) $85.00

Discover natural effective methods for treating hundreds of physical disorders for you and your family... Acu-Laser Therapy is a needle-free Acupuncture method that balances the meridians and whole body for a healthier you).

Tuning Forks Chakra balance now available also.

These Lasers are class III Soft Lazars utilizing color to sedate or tonify the meridian for acute or chronic pain. The laser is placed on specific acupuncture points by a licensed Acupuncturist, which stimulate or sedate the meridian being treated. This has the same affect as acupuncture needles with out the pain. Acupuncture isn't really painful but there those that are needle phobic and this treatment is just as effective.

This laser can also balance and open the Chakra's and help release blocked emotions.

We also offer Chakra Balancing using tuning forks.(click on link

These are amazing treatments that can be used in place of acupuncture, they are non-invasive, painless, ideal for needle phobic, and are Dr. Teresa Rispoli's pediatric method of choice for children.

Dr. Rispoli Is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Functional Nutritionist offering Alternative and Holistic Healing Methods.

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The laser penetrates the crystal focusing the color of choice through the crystal and on to the surface of the body into the acupuncture meridian.

When used on acupuncture points or Chakra areas the healing light intensifies the work. This instrument opens all of the Chakra's and is good to use at the beginning of any healing session.

Tuning Forks increase the vibration level of the body and seems to balance all of the Chakra's at the same time. 

Many studies have been done about the healing effects of laser, color and vibration. They can effect, mood: depression, anger, irritability, insecurity, confusion, despair, grief, sorrow fear lack of self confidence, reduce pain and inflammation, reduce stress, reduce lymph congestion, insomnia, menstrual cramps, chronic illness, and so much more. 

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