Full Body Scan $50

This test is usually offered for free when you purchase and schedule a 30 minute Nutritional weight loss session.

The full body scan works by using the bio electrical impedance method which is as accurate as similar medical grade products. Basically it just sends a weak electrical signal through your body to determine the amount of water in each tissue. Tissues such as muscles, blood and bone have a high water content but fat has a low water content so the scale can "see" the amount and give an accurate reading. It measures BMI, % of fat, visceral fat which is the fat that surrounds your internal organs and is, in my opinion, the most dangerous fat to be storing and a very important measurement.

It also measures resting metabolism rate giving you the amount of calories you need just to sustain everyday functions or for weight loss. The more you exercise the more calories you need, so when you see that value go up it's telling you that you are doing a good job exercising.

It also measures the skeletal muscle which is the muscle that we can see and feel. As that number increases you can see that your exercising program is working. Or if you are on a weight loss program it is important to be sure you are not losing muscle.

We also measure your body age which is the age of your body not your real age. That is fun to see how young your body is. I am 60 and my body age is 45 Yea! I must be doing something right! If your body age is older than your real age then you are aging rapidly and are in need of a nutritional program. This is why testing is so crucial. You will have markers to start with and can see real improvements that are measurable and verifiable.

BIA (bio-impedance analysis) is designed to screen for key bio markers which, if abnormal, could lead to accelerated aging and more serious illness.

Your Body Scan results, will let you know your fat to lean mass ratio. This is important when losing weight. You want to lose fat not muscle. At the very least, will serve as a reality check for your present state of health. At best, they will serve as a valuable focus tool for you and your health care provider to set the stage for improvement in your health which will both delight you and free you from many of your present health concerns.

The BlA information hopefully will empower you to take a more active role in your health and weight loss goals and is used to aid you in your weight loss program which we will design for you.

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