Product Name: Yin Chiao 750mg
Shen Herbs
90 tablets
Chinese Formula For Onset of Cold or Flu And Overall Immune Support.
Take 5 tablets at the first sign of cold or flu, repeat every 4 hours the first 12 hours, then 3 tablets 3 times daily
Full Description:
Traditional Chinese immunity-boosting formula. Disperses wind heat, clears heat, relieves toxicity.
Supplement Facts:
Ingredients Honeysuckle, also known as Jin Yin Hua orLonicera flos - Clears Heat, Cleans Toxins, Expels Externally Contracted Wind Heat Forsythia, known as Lian Qiao orForsythia Suspensa Fructus - Expels Contracted Wind Heat, Clears Heat, Cleans Toxins Balloon Flower, known as Jie Geng orPlatycodi Grandiflori Radix - Transforms Cold Phlegm, Circulates Lung Energy, Benefits the Throat, Directs the Action of Other Herbs Upwards. Peppermint, known as Bo He orMenthe Herba - Disperses Wind Heat, Clears the Head and Eyes and Benefits the Throat Edible Burdock, known as Niu Bang Zi orArctium Lappa - Cleanses Fire Poison, Disperses Wind Heat and Benefits the Throat Crested Grass, known as Dan Zhu Ye orLophatheri Gracilis - Releases the Exterior, Disperses Wind Heat, Lessens Irritability, Relieves Thirst Schizonepeta, known as Jing Jie orSchizonepeta Tenuifolia - Releases Exterior, Expels Wind Cold and Wind Heat Fermented Soy Bean, known as Dan Dou QiSojae Praeparatum Semen - Releases the Exterior for both Cold and Hot Exterior Conditions, Alleviates Irritability Chinese Licorice root also known as Gan Cao Glycyrrhiza Uranelsis Radix - Tonifies the Spleen, Benefits the Qi, Cleanses Fire Poisons, Moderates and Harmonizes Other Herbs.