Product Name: Leaky Gut Repair
Liver Medic
60 vegicaps
Leaky Gut is not a disease; it is a structural disorder that needs nutritional support to repair it.

Leaky Gut Repair combines the leading compounds to support gut restoration.

These important compounds create a protective mucosal barrier, while providing the building blocks for repair. This includes natural anti-histamine properties to reduce inflammation and additional damage. Combining Candida Complex and Serrapeptase can correct the imbalance that led to leaky gut by supporting the reduction of candida overgrowth, parasites and/or dysbiosis.
2 capsules after breakfast & 2 capsules at night
Full Description:
Leaky Gut occurs when an increase in harmful bacteria and yeast (candida) within the intestine reaches a tipping point and the intestinal wall is breached. These harmful bacteria and yeast literally burrow between the cells of the intestinal lining like a root system. Candida secrete aldehydes that breakdown the soft tissue of epithelial cells and dissolve connective tissue that make up tight junctions that act as mortar for our gut lining.

These actions reduce our ability to keep harmful organisms out of the body, while simultaneously reducing our ability to absorb nutrition. The best way to reverse this is to repair the cells and tight junctions, reduce histamine production and provide a mucosal shield to protect from further damage. Reducing candida and biofilm should also be part of this regimen, so take with Serrpeptase to disolve the biofilm outer coating.

Leaky Gut often occurs after a severe cold but more typically Americans get it from their diets over longer periods of time by consuming antibiotic infused animal products and excessive sugar.
Supplement Facts:
60 Veggie Capsules/Bottle

Supports repair of peptic ulcers and intestinal openings
Promotes protective mucus secretions
Reduces inflammation while reducing allergens access to the body
Strengthens gut connective tissue
Eases diarrhea, constipation and GI discomfort