Product Name: HA2CG Plan 2 NO Detox includes Program Guide Book
Des Bio
2 fl oz HA2cg
Targets the hypothalamus in the brain, turns off hunger and releases non-essential fat for energy, enabling a person to stick to the diet and lose amazing amounts of weight quickly .5 to 2 lbs. per day! Safe, Effective, Weight Stays Off!
10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily 20 minutes before meals
Full Description:
The HA2CG hormone kicks up the body's metabolism by signaling the body to burn non essential fat for fuel. By following the HA2CG diet protocol, your metabolism will be switched from glucose burning to fat burning a more efficient fuel to burn, rather than store fat. In other diets the metabolism has not changed. During maintenance your set point will be changed to fat burning. HA2CG opens only the non essential fat cells allowing fat to be burned. No other time in the human body does this happen. So other diets oftem remove muscle and fat cells the body needs, causing us to lose in places we don't want first. HA2CG burns the excess fat cells and literally sculpts the body in all the right places. Consultation Required
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