Product Name: Guai 600NT
Fibro Pharmacy
100 capsules
Guaifenesin NF Doctors Formula for Fibromyalgia-newer formula that is easier on the stomach. No Dye, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Vanillin, or Salicylates. Is now over the counter. No prescription needed.
1/2 Capsule 2 times daily for 7-days, symptoms should worsen, increase to 1-capsule 2 times daily, symptoms should gradually decrease. ( must follow the fibro-free diet for this to work.)
Full Description:

Dr. St. Amand discovered that an excess of intracellular phosphate, and possibly oxalate, builds up in cells and depresses formation of energy because the phosphate needed is bound. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the master energy and strength producing molecule within the body. It requires three phosphate bonds to produce energy at a cellular level in the mitochondria.

The required dosage of guaifenesin is determined by patient response. It varies from 300 mg. twice a day to as high as 3,600 mg per day.

Guaifenesin has been used for over twenty years; has no significant listed side effects; and is safe for children. Treatment progress is measured both by symptom improvement and by filling in body maps showing the location and size of tender points, spasms,or hard patches felt in the muscles and ligaments. As guaifenesin clears bound phosphates the fibromyalgis symptoms disapear gradually and eventually disappear.

Restrictions of certain substances are required for the medicine to work: A key aspect of treatment is that one must avoid mint, menthol and salicylates, contained in aspirin and other compounds, because they completely block the effects of guaifenesin. Moreover, skin readily absorbs salicylates into the body. Salicylates are manufactured by all plants, the choicest parts of which are concentrated to make herbal medications, many cosmetics,
and deodorants.

Thus, patients being treated with guaifenesin cannot take aspirin or herbal medications, or use any skin creams or topical products which contain herbs, including aloe. Castor oil, Listerine, Ben Gay, and razors with aloe strips are among the many culprits that block the action of guaifenesin. When blocking occurs, patients have no adverse effects; they simply obtain no benefit for fibromyalgia treatment.

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Supplement Facts:
Ingredients-Guaifenesin 600mg,Gelatin,Hyroxypropyl Methlcellulose,Pre-gelatinize Starch,Magnesium Sterate