Product Name: Energy Multi Plex Adrenal Support
Researched Nutritionals
90 capsules
Energy Multi Plex Adrenal Support Formula with 14 researched nutrients. The total energy formula. A favorite among doctors and patients.
Take 3 capsules daily
Full Description:
Each bottle provides a one month supply of the following complexes and health benefits:

Energymax Complex: Targeted blend of D ribose, panax ginseng which promotes healthy energy levels by raising ATP, energy fuel, supports healthy cognitive performance.

Muscular Energy Complex: Combination of malic acid and rhodiola rosea which plays a key role in energy producing Kreb Cycle, has an adaptogenic affect to support physical activity.

Mitochondria Energizer Complex: Powerful duo of acetyl L carnitine and alpha lipoic acid which acts as a catalyst for ATP production in mitochondria, improves mitochondrial function while promoting healthy cognitive function.

Metabolism Plus Complex: Natural, non-stimulation blend of pyruvic acid and 7 Keto DHEA which naturally increases resting metabolism, without artificial stimulation. Multiple studies show increased fat utilization (fat loss) as an energy source, promotes fat loss through thermogenesis.

HeartStrong Complex: Hight potency Co Q10 and L Taurine whichis used by the body to transform food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy on which the body runs, promotes healthy heart and gum tissue, modulates the immune system, promotes healthy heart beat and cell wall stability.

Key Nutrient Blend: pantothenic acid, vitamin B 12, magnesium and potassium which are essential nutrients involved in producing, transporting and releasing energy from fat, promotes healthy neuromuscular function and muscle contractions.
Supplement Facts: