Product Name: Comprehensive Detox Kit
Des Bio
6-1 fl oz bottles
Full body systemic homeopathic detox & drainage program. Also used in the support of hCG Weight Loss Program.
10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily 20 minutes before meals
Full Description:

DesBio’s Detox Program is the only full-body detoxification, drainage, and regulation program designed to target all major organs and systems related to cleaning and detoxifying the entire body. Ridding the body of accumulated toxins is an essential step in reaching your healthcare goals.

Most other detox protocols only target a single organ such as the liver or colon. Since detoxification is a multi-step, multi-system process, these single-system approaches fail to address certain toxic built-ups or even worse, cause detox pathways to get clogged and congested.

A major advantage of this detox program is that our remedies address drainage and meridian balancing simultaneously with detoxification. Desbio's detox program is carefully adjusted to allow healing ingredients and remedies to enter the body's cells to provide relief and rejuvenation. It supports the body in waking up organs systems, healing internal damage, and getting back its natural detoxification abilities. Our comples remedies ensure that neutralized toxins are eliminated efficiently and facilitate greater comfort for the patient.

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