Toxic Element Clearance Profile $170.00/Urine
Toxic Element Clearance Profile (24 hr and Creatinine)by Genova diagnostics, measures urinary excretion of
20 toxic metals. This test should be implemented when only a focused evaluation of exposure to toxic metals is desired, and when emplementing a heavey metal clearance program to evaluate the rate of clearance.

Evidence suggests that chronic toxic element exposure can adversely affect respiratory, renal, cardiac, hepatic and immune functions, compromise cognitive and emotional health, debilitate energy levels, impair neurologic development and function, trigger reproductive dysfunction, and increase the risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions. Moreover, as time elapses, researchers are discovering detrimental health effects of toxic heavy metals at lower and lower exposure levels, raising the issue of whether any toxic element level in the body is safe.

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The Toxic Element Clearance Profile is a toxic exposure test which measures urinary excretion of a diverse range of potentially harmful elements. Both well-known toxics such as lead and mercury, and new technology toxins such as niobium are assessed in this toxic element test.

The Toxic Element Clearance Profile offers an advanced, comprehensive assessment of toxic and potentially toxic elements excreted in the urine. In addition to measuring classic elemental toxins, this profile includes elements used in medical, aerospace, nuclear, and high-tech electronic industries. Use of these potential toxins is increasing because of their growing commercial, industrial, and medical applications.

Health Consequences of Toxic Exposure
Evidence suggests that chronic toxic element exposure can adversely affect:

  • Energy levels
  • Reproductive function
  • Cancer risk
  • Neurological development and function
  • Respiratory, cardiac, hepatic, and immune functions
  • Cognitive and emotional health
  • Degenerative conditions

Toxins and Sources of Exposure
Accumulations of these toxins can occur in the human body in response to occupational exposures or to environmental exposures from toxic release in air, soil, or industrial waste systems. These sources include:

  • Metal refining
  • Alloying
  • Plating and parts manufacturing in aerospace and machine tool industries
  • Fabrication of nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
  • Electronics and computer manufacturing

According to the EPA, the US has the largest electronics (including computer) workforce in the world. Exposures to the measured elements can occur in other occupations as well, including:

  • Welding and metal shaping
  • Plumbing
  • Oil refining
  • Military or police service (with weapons use)
  • Handling of disposal of wastes
  • Manufacturing of pigments and coatings
  • Petrochemical production

The Toxic Element Clearance Profileassesses urinary excretion of toxic elements acquired through either chronic or acute exposure. The toxic exposure test enables practitioners to effectively monitor the progress of detoxification regimens and nutrient element status during treatment. All toxic metals are reported as micrograms/g creatinine or as micrograms per 24 hours (if a 24-hour urine specimen is provided).

Test Type: Urine Test

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