Heavy Metal Exposure & Mineral/Hair Analysis $165.00
This Hair analysis not only determines Heavy Metal Exposure, but determines vitamin and mineral deficiencies and metabolic imbalances and trends. The HTMA is a screening test that measures twenty-one minerals and toxic metals present in a sample of human hair. Minerals are the "spark plugs" of life an play many important health related roles within the human body. providing a "window into the cells", hair makes an excellent biopsy material and reveals a clear record of mineral metabolism.
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Throughout the last century, advances in industrialization, manufacturing, and technology have resulted in ever-increasing amounts of toxic elements being released into the environment. From air pollution, tooth fillings, skin creams, and paint dyes, to batteries, seafood, vegetables, tap water, and dietary supplements, toxic exposure now commonly occurs through a multitude of diverse vectors. Most of these elements remain in the environment long after the original exposure source is gone. Over a lifetime, these toxic elements may accumulate inside the human body in tissue such as fat and bone, being broken down and eliminated very slowly. Eventually, this increasing toxic burden can trigger a variety of physical and cognitive disorders, including depression, anxiety, memory loss, and fatigue.


Although everyone is potentially exposed to toxic elements, this comprehensive profile is particularly relevant for individuals employed in high risk occupations, including welding, metal working, mining, battery production, aerospace work, optical fiber and lighting manufacturing, and various other high technology and metal manufacturing industries. Because of their unique physiologies, children and other adults (especially post-menopausal women) are also much more vulnerable to the negative health effects of toxic element exposure.

Even at relatively low levels, toxic elements have the destructive capability to damage nerves and tissue; strong clinical evidence points to their potential role in early neurodevelopment disorders, such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as in neurodegenerative conditions of aging such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Heart disease, impaired kidney function, respiratory illness, weakened immune function, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and increased cancer risk have also been linked to chronic toxic element exposure.

The Tissue Mineral & Toxic Element Exposure Profile assesses levels of 21 minerals and toxic metals using a hair sample.

A hair mineral analysis reflects long term metabolic activity as it measures an average of mineral accumulation over as three month period of time. This is often an advantage as the test results are not influenced by day-to-day variations in body chemistry due to stress, diet or other factors. Creating a blueprint of one's individual biochemistry, a hair tissue analysis can assist in identifying mineral patterns which may be associated with stress, blood sugar and carbohydrate imbalances, metabolic rate, biochemical energy production, and glandular imbalances. Hair tissue mineral analysis is used worldwide to measure environmental contamination with toxic metals in the soil, plants and human and animal populations.

A substantial body of scientific literature supports hair analysis as an accurate, reliable gauge of long-term toxic exposure. Because hair follicles are exposed to the blood supply during growth, element concentrations in hair reflect concentration in other body tissues. Should levels be elevated, a variety of clinical and lifestyle interventions can be implemented to reduce toxic burden; follow-up hair testing provides a good indication of long-term treatment effectiveness (after 3-4 months).

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