US BioTek IgG 96 Food Antibody Assessment (Bloodspot) Price $275.00

Tests For 96 General Food IgG Antibody Sensitivities

For doctor and patient convenience, US BioTech offers the Aller-Food Check finger stick test. This quick and sensitive test identifies for food-specific IgG antibodies from a patient’s blood spot sample. Simply, a lancet is used on the finger to obtain a few drops of blood, which are then absorbed onto our proprietary Micro-collection strips. These strips are then air-dried and sent in the mail to US BioTech for complete analysis. As with all of our ELISA assays, each and every patient’s specimen is run in complete duplicate as part of our QA. This ELISA food-specific IgG is a semi-quantitative analysis that is both highly accurate with results on par to that of liquid serum, and very economical.

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Each patient report comes complete with a customized 4-Day Elimination/Rotation Diet Guideline and an easy-to-read food family booklet.

Symptom presentation of delayed-onset IgG reactions may be more obscure and long term compared to typical Type I IgE immediate onset reactions simply due to the longer half-life of these IgG antibodies. IgG antibody-antigen complexes may deposit in any organ/tissue promoting a variety of symptoms. Symptoms here may tend to be chronic, recurrent, and indolent associated with multiple organ, multiple system and multi-mediator involvement. Consider IgG testing for patients with chronic conditions involving any system – Gastrointestinal (distension, bloating, cramping, colic, N/V, diarrhea), Respiratory allergic reactions (rhinitis, nasal congestion, sinusitis, (S)OME, Dermal (ECZEMA, angioedema), CNS (mood, behavior, learning difficulties, H/A), Neurovascular (migraines, Meniere’s), Musculoskelatal (weakness, feeling “below par”, arthralgia, myalgia).

Keep in mind that many patients may develop symptoms not usually considered associated with immunoligic reactions!

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15 Vegetarian Foods for $75.00
16 IgG mini-inhalant panel $72.00
24 spices and 24 herb panel $210.00