CDSA-3P Parasite GI Tract Test - Stool- Price: $395.00
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Plus $95 Report Consultation Fee
Evaluates stool for presence of parasites and levels of beneficial flora, imbalanced flora, pathogenic bacteria, and yeast. For patients with abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, and other GI-related symptoms.
Parasites, can be an underlying cause of many symptoms. Many Americans are inflicted with parasites and are not even aware that they have them, as they may  be microscopic in size. They can cause health problems ranging from dry itchy skin, constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, abdominal cramps or pains, chronic fatigue, re-occurring headaches, body aches and more. If you have 2 or more of these symptoms, you may want to test for parasites. This test combines the CDSA (complete gastrointestinal test see CDSA Test above) with the 3 stool sample parasitology test

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The increase in worldwide travel, coupled with increasing immigration into the United States, contributes to the spread and incidence of parasitic infections. In addition, parasitic infections are commonly transmitted through fecally contaminated food, water, or other materials within this country.

Genova Diagnostics' Comprehensive Parasitology Profile uses the most technologically advanced procedures to accurately identify a wide range of protozoal parasites, including amoebae, flagellates, ciliates, coccidia and microsporidia. Specimens are carefully analyzed by highly trained technicians using computer-enhanced video microscopy, new staining procedures, and advanced immunoassay techniques.

These accurate detection methods allow for increased detection rates, increasing the awareness of the important relationship between parasitic infection and a broad spectrum of illnesses and diseases.

All lab tests can be done through the mail in the privacy of your own home, except blood tests, we send you to a lab to have your blood drawn for these. After you pay for the test we mail you the kit, the results take two weeks, the test results will be mailed to us and we will call you to go over the results, its that easy! All tests include the consultation for the report of findings.

Call to set up a nutritional consultation so that tests can be performed and a comprehensive strategy of lifestyle, dietary modification and nutrient supplementation can be implemented to improve your health.

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Dr. Rispoli,DCN., Ph.D., L.Ac. has maintained a sucessful Functional Medicine clinical practice for over 27 years. Her programs work because she is so thorough in testing and providing a individualized nutritiona, diet and lifestyle approach. Remember that the body can heal itself if supplied with the proper nutrients and is balanced.