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A simple, direct urinary assay of pyridinium crosslinks and deoxypyridinoline, useful in identifying current rate of bone loss, lytic bone disease, and efficacy of bone support therapies.

The Bone Resorption Assessment from Genova Diagnostic Laboratory can improve the quality of life for women. This test Identifies
elevated levels of bone loss before excessive damage has occurred.
Enables regular testing of women for resorption rates, allowing
treatment intervention at its most effective-before bone loss has occurred.


Monitors the effectiveness of calcium supplementation to slow bone loss and rebuild bone.

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Using the two most specific markers of bone resorption, the Bone Resorption Assessment measures bone loss accurately and inexpensively. By discriminating between patients with high and low bone turnover—two subgroups which benefit from different therapeutic approaches—health care professionals can prescribe appropriate treatments and monitor patient compliance and treatment effectiveness.

The Bone Resorption Assessment is also invaluable in studying osteoporosis and the bone diseases associated with arthritis, metabolic bone disease, and cancer. The noninvasive urine analysis assays pyridinium crosslinks and deoxypyridinoline, two collagen crosslinks found to be more specific for bone resorption than other collagen metabolites, such as telopeptides.
The Bone Resorption Assessment is a simple urinary hormone test that provides an accurate assessment of the rate of bone turnover in an individual. Hormone testing with the Bone Resorption Assessment allows the practitioner to identify those more likely to develop osteoporosis, to intervene before significant loss has occurred, and to monitor the efficacy of treatment regimens. It examines pyridinium crosslinks and deoxypyridinoline and is useful in identifying current rate of bone loss, lytic bone disease, and efficacy of bone support therapies.

Hormone Testing and Osteoporosis:

  • Osteoporosis leads to 1.5 million fractures per year
  • Osteoporosis affects more than 50% of healthy American women aged 30-40 who are likely to develop vertebral fractures as they age
  • Hormone testing is an important component to identify individuals currently losing bone at an accelerated rate so that effective treatment can begin before significant bone loss has occurred

Measuring Bone Resorption
Pyridinium crosslinks are stabilizers of collagen molecules.  Bone collagen contains both pyridinoline (PYD), which is reflective of collagen loss of all types, and its component deoxypyridinoline (DPD), which specifically reflects bone collagen.  Presence in the urine of higher than normal amounts of PYD and DPD indicate a rapid rate of bone loss. 
Crosslink excretion is greatly increased in patients with osteoporosis, as well as in a number of other conditions. These include Paget´s disease, primary hyperparathyroidism, and osteomalacia. Measurement of PYD crosslinks has also proven useful in arthritic diseases, connective tissue disorders, cancer metastasis, and alcoholic bone disease.

Test Type: Urine Test

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