IBD and Allergies

Because inflammatory bowel (IBD) disease occurs in conjunction with damage to the intestinal muscosal layer, food antigens normally prevented from penetrating the gastrointestinal tract may "seep" into the systemic circulation in ever greater numbers, where they distress the immune system. Thus, food antigens have been implicated in allergic reactions, malabsorption, and other dysfunctions characteristic of IBD.1

Chronic exposure to food antigens provokes higher levels of antibodies IgE and IgG in the bloodstream. One study exploring the relationship between allergy and IBD found that patients with IBD tended to exhibit significantly elevated levels of both IgE and IgG in their serum, with those patients experiencing a relapse of IBD symptoms displaying the highest levels of IgE.2 Another study discovered a direct relationship between the onset of ulcerative colitis symptoms and the consumption of a meal, and found a variety of allergenic parameters occurring more frequently in patients with IBD than in a control group.3

More specifically, pediatric gastroenterologists have found a link between sensitivity to cow's milk protein and the development of ulcerative colitis.4 Research investigators from a medical center at the State University of New York examined a group of patients with Crohn's disease and found increased immune sensitivity to food signaled by elevated levels of an IgG subgroup in response to both milk and egg proteins.5 IgG has been shown to trigger the release of histamine from the intestinal mast cells of patients with inflammatory bowel disease, possibly triggering both acute and delayed inflammatory responses.6

The Comprehensive Antibody Assessment measures IgE and IgG antibody reactions to over 120 food and environmental substances, revealing the source of both immediate and delayed food reactions involved in the progression of IBD.

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If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms yourself to find out why. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

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