What's Hiding in Your Gut?

Several years ago I discovered and proved that many chronic cases of yeast infection (called Candida) were also caused and perpetuated by parasites and worms living in our bodies hiding in the intestinal lining. Yeast cells, like parasites, live mostly in the regions of the gastrointestinal tract. They live, eat and reproduce in our small and large intestines.

They feed on bacteria and waste products from our diets that are not properly digested or eliminated. They like a slow moving intestinal tract because it allows food to remain in the bowel for many days. This undigested, fermenting food feeds the candida, parasites and bacteria. When food remains in the bowel too long, it also putrefies, becomes toxic and destroys friendly bacteria called acidophilus that normally stops yeast from growing.

CANDIDA has Parasites and yeast cells attach themselves to the intestinal lining and hide out there.They destroy the friendly bacteria that keep Candida in check or from growing. They can actually damage the mucosal barrier causing "Leaky Gut". They bury themselves deep
into the layers of mucus, also called mucoid plaque that line the colon wall. Years and years of build up can occur coupled with putrefied, decayed foods that also line the intestinal tract making you sick.. This undigested food also impairs the immune system by causing it to work overtime. The immune system becomes overwhelmed and cannot function properly to kill off the candida. All of these bad guys hang out together. They like to live in the same places, eat the same things, reproduce in the same places and defecate there too, all in your intestinal lining!

Imagine a pipe that has a mineral buildup. It collects debris as waste passes through it which attaches to the lining until only a small amount can pass through.. Parasites will lay eggs and reproduce in this messy lining, yeast cells send their roots deep into these layers. When you have a thick build up such as described above, parasitic and yeast killing herbs or medicines are unable to reach them and thus are unable to kill them. The ones closest to the surface may be killed but the ones that have buried themselves deep within will escape the treatment.

To further complicate things, there are certain diseases of the bowel where "pockets" develop called diverticulosis. Here weakened areas in the colon begin to balloon out and old food, yeast or parasites can get trapped in these areas causing little cities and communities for these harmful organisms to grow and hide in.

To make matters worse these little pockets can become inflamed causing diverticulitis. This condition causes extreme discomfort in the infected
areas and can lead to constipation. When one becomes constipated especially females, they can develop vaginal or bladder yeast infections due to a sudden build up of these organisms.

In order to successfully rid your body of vaginal and intestinal yeast you need thoroughly clean out the intestinal tract and get rid of all the morbid and decreped matter lining the colon wall harboring these bad guys. I thought in the past that colonics alone would do the trick. My experience has proven me wrong. Colemas or bowel cleansers from health food stores don't work either.

I recently discovered a bowel cleansing program Called"The Arise and Shine Clean Me Out Program" that works so well I cannot believe it myself. Patients who had done many colonics and bowel
cleansing programs from the health food stores have been put on this program and have reported eliminating gobs of old blackened, sticky tar-like, ropy, foul smelling material that was shaped like their intestines. Many have had worms come out also and weren't even aware that they had them!

I've had people come to me that have fasted or were on vegetarian diets and have done other cleansing programs but they say they never got those tar like ropes out of them. But when put on this program they were shocked at what came out and how much better they felt afterwards.

They had more energy then when they were thirteen, better clarity of mind, aches and pains were suddenly gone, they were able to lose unwanted pounds, have clearer complexions, flatter stomachs, no more headaches, foul breath, or gas, skin rashes, psoriasis, and arthritic conditions were suddenly gone.

Some very inspired people have taken their old crud out of the toilet and measured how long the pieces were. After several weeks on this program these people reported a total of over 25 feet of old material passed out of their intestines. One man reported over 50 feet! I have pictures to prove it.

I take a four step approach called the Four R Program.

I truly believe that Candida have a hidden agenda buried deep within your intestinal lining. No successful Candida treatment goes without a through cleansing of the small and large bowel.

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Dr. Rispoli, Ph.D., L Ac. has had a clinical practice for over 20 years. Her programs work because she is so thorough in testing and providing a nutritional approach. Remember that the body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients.

The information herein is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or a cure. Should you have a medical condition please seek the advice of your medical doctor.


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Teresa Rispoli has her Ph.D. in Nutrition, is a licensed Acupuncturist, Master Herbalist, Certified Functional Nutritionist, has a Doctorate in Naturopathy and is a clinical researcher, and Licensed Esthetician. She has been in practice for well over 27 years. It is through her clinical practice that she has gained insights into chronic health conditions. If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms that come and go you owe it to yourself to find out why. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms yourself to find out why. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

Remember that the body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients with the right environment and lifestyle.

Dr. Rispoli will help guide you to make the right choices for your individual needs. Teresa Rispoli will work with you to teach you which program is right for you so you can make informed decisions regarding your health.

She is the founder and Director for Complete Health. She will find the root of your health issues, from a Functional Health perspective, and personalize a health building program to help you experience vibrant health.

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Yours For Inner Health and Outer Beauty,
Teresa Rispoli, DCN, CFN, LAC.

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