Obesogens The Chemicals You Are Eating
Are Making You Fat by Dr Rispoli Ph.D.

You have tried everything to lose weight. You’ve tried the latest and greatest diet or fat-melting workout. You may have tried weight loss supplements or prescription medications but you are now heavier than ever. Sound familiar? 

Why doesn’t diet or exercise work?

Humans are very successful as a species because we can store energy (fat) very efficiently and have multiple ways to store this energy. Thus, for long-term success physicians must look at the metabolic and endocrinological factors leading to weight gain and not assume it is a matter of will-power to eat less and exercise more. Here at Complete Health we identify the underlying causes of the inability to lose weight, including chemical exposure to Obesogens, hormonal deficiencies, thyroid imbalance, leptin resistance, insulin resistance, mitochondrial dysfunction, metabolic insufficiency, set-point abnormalities and vitamin deficiencies.  We have a wide-range of methods to treat these conditions, ultimately leading to weight loss. Diet and exercise is rarely successful for long-term weight loss if such metabolic disturbances are left untreated.

Obesogens are endocrine disruptors that promote fat cells and fat storage.  They are the chemicals, hormones and additives found in your foods and house hold items. Unfortunately this has become the “New American Diet”. They are the biochemical forces driving obesity and it has become a global phenomena! Examples are as follows:

●   Hormones in foods (eggs, chicken, beef, pork etc.)
●   Additives, found in packaged foods and drinks
●   Chemicals and plastics lining canned goods

Obesogens are a new group of secret saboteurs in the war against weight gain and they are all around us. Here’s how to track down the enemies and win the battle of the bulge.

We blame weight gain on eating too many burgers and burning too little fat, but scientists are discovering that chemicals we’re exposed to everyday could be a big part of the obesity epidemic. Called obesogens, or endocrine disruptors, these natural and man-made chemicals work by altering the regulatory system that controls your weight—increasing the fat cells you have, decreasing the calories you burn, and even altering the way your body manages hunger.

It’s time to fight back. The White House's task force on childhood obesity is tackling obesogens and the Environmental Protection Agency has pumped $20 million into studying them. Here’s what you need to know to wage your own battle on the home front.

How They Work
By mimicking the actions of naturally occurring hormones in our bodies or preventing the hormones we produce from acting correctly, endocrine disruptors can:
Encourage the body to store fat and re-program cells to become fat cells.
Prompt the liver to become insulin resistant, which makes the pancreas pump out more insulin that turns energy into fat all over the body.
Prevent leptin (a hormone that reduces appetite) from being released from your fat cells to tell your body you are full.

Where You Find Them

The short answer: everywhere, particularly because high fructose corn syrup, which can be found in every kind of food, from sodas to yogurt to pretzels, is an obesogen. This viscous sweet stuff makes your liver insulin resistant and tampers with leptin to increase your hunger, setting up a vicious cycle where you crave more food that is then more easily turned into fat.

Other Common Places to Find Obesogens:

In your faucets: Pesticides seep deep into the soil and find their way to the water table and into your tap water. The main obesogen in tap water is atrazine. Banned in Europe, but found around the United States, atrazine slows thyroid hormone metabolism. Another culprit found in tap water, tributylin, a fungicide painted on the bottoms of boats, stimulates fat cell production.

Cans and water bottles: Bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen used to make plastics hard which has been banned from baby bottles, but is still present in many other plastics (especially sports water bottles) and the lining of most cans, has been shown to increase insulin resistance in animal studies.

Nonstick pans and microwave popcorn: Animal studies have shown that early exposure to a chemical used to make items non-stick – Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) – leads to obesity in later life. It also is known to affect thyroid glands, which are important regulators of hormones that control weight. Found mainly in products like Teflon pans, it’s also hidden in microwave popcorn bags and pizza boxes.

Shower curtains and air fresheners: Phthalates, chemicals found in vinyl products such as shower curtains and fragrance products such as air fresheners, may lower testosterone and metabolism levels, causing you to gain weight and lose muscle mass. They’re also found in vinyl flooring and industrial-grade plastic wrap used to shrink wrap meat in the grocery store.

Here’s how to identify them and what you can do to avoid them
Buy wild fish (such as salmon, which is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids) and meat products that are hormone- and antibiotic free.

  1. Install a granular activated carbon filter on your faucet to filter out chemicals such as atrazine.
  2. Use aluminum water bottles or those that are BPA-free.
  3. Steer clear of plastics with the number 3 or 7 on the bottom, which may leach BPA. Instead look for the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6, which are unlikely to contain BPA.
  4. Keep water bottles cool (warm temperatures increase BPA leaching) and never microwave plastic.
  5. Eat fewer canned foods. Opt for frozen or fresh instead. Tuna can be found in pouches that do not contain BPA.
  6. Get rid of your non-stick pans if possible. If you must use a Teflon pan, never use a metal implement on it that can scratch the surface and release the chemicals inside, and throw away any scratched non-stick pans.
  7. Buy meats straight from the butcher counter (instead of pre-packaged) and ask that they wrap them in brown paper.

      9.   Skip the air fresheners, open the windows, and try dried lavender instead.

What You Must Do To Remove Them From Your Body

Unfortunately, most of the Obesogens are stored in our fat cells.  In order to get the fat cells to release them you will have to go on a special liver detoxification program.  Beware - not all liver cleanses are the same!  The type you want has a combination of special amino acids that help the three phases of liver detoxification.  Because the Obesogens are fat soluble they need to be broken down into a soluble form first so they can then be ushered out of the body.  Usually this type of detoxification is a special hepatic detoxification drink that has all the key ingredients necessary to get the job done correctly. You can only find this drink at a healthcare provider’s office because it has therapeutic doses of specific ingredients. You will have to follow the program for 21 days along with a modified elimination diet to avoid further contaminating yourself with pesticides additives and chemicals. 

I also recommend that you drink plenty of clean alkaline/ionized, antioxidant water.  This water is micro-clustered so it really hydrated the cell and flushes out the toxins once transformed into a soluble form.

You can purchase the detox drink and try the alkaline water at our office for FREE!

There is also HCG with a Detox Protocol for fast safe weight loss!
Lose 15 to 34 LBS in 45 Days Fast Save Easy!

With 25 years experience as a clinical nutritionist Dr. Rispoli can quickly determine where you need help by functional state of the art laboratory testing and core nutriceuticles with therapeutic doses. Dr. Rispoli has a Ph.D. in Nutrition, a Master in Naturopathy and Oriental Medicine and is a Licensed Acupuncturist. She is the founder and Director of Complete Health for 25 years. She will teach you the proper diet and use of supplements, if necessary, to reach your goal of vibrant health.  For an appointment call 818.707.3126  Her office is located at  is 28247 Agoura Rd Agoura CA 91301. 

Teresa Rispoli has her Ph.D. in Nutrition, is a licensed Acupuncturist and clinical researcher. She has been in practice for well over 25 years. It is through her clinical practice that she has gained insights into chronic health conditions. If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms that come and go you owe it to yourself to find out why. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

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Teresa Rispoli has her Ph.D. in Nutrition, is a licensed Acupuncturist, Master Herbalist, Certified Functional Nutritionist, has a Doctorate in Naturopathy and is a clinical researcher, and Licensed Esthetician. She has been in practice for well over 27 years. It is through her clinical practice that she has gained insights into chronic health conditions. If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms that come and go you owe it to yourself to find out why. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms yourself to find out why. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

Remember that the body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients with the right environment and lifestyle.

Dr. Rispoli will help guide you to make the right choices for your individual needs. Teresa Rispoli will work with you to teach you which program is right for you so you can make informed decisions regarding your health.

She is the founder and Director for Complete Health. She will find the root of your health issues, from a Functional Health perspective, and personalize a health building program to help you experience vibrant health.

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Yours For Inner Health and Outer Beauty,
Teresa Rispoli, DCN, CFN, LAC.

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