Laboratory Tests
Genomic Profiles Genova
Cardio Genomic Profile_ Genova
Detoxi Genomic Profile-Genova
Estro Genomic Profile-Genova
Immuno Genomic Profile-Genova
Neuro Genomic Profile-Genova

Gastrointestinal Tests
Candida Intensive - Genova
GI Panel-GI-1 - DTI
CSA Stool Test - DDI
CSAP3 Parasite Test - DDI
Celiac Profile - Genova
Hepatic Detox Panel - DDI
H. Pylori (Gastric Ulcers) - DDI
Leaky Gut/Permeability - Genova
Lactose Intolerance Test - Genova
Bacteria Sensitivities - DDI
Microbiology Analysis - DDI
Parasite Test(P3) - DDI

Parasite-Bacteria-Expanded -DDI
Yeast Culture_- DDI

Endocrinology Tests
Adrenal Stress Index-ASI - DTI
HPA Adrenal-Neurotransmitter-NL
Bone Resorption - Genova
Estrogen Metabolism - Genova
Female Hormone-Rhythm - Genova
Female Hormones -FHP - DTI
IGF-1 Growth Hormone - Genova
Male Hormone Profile-MHP - DTI
Male Hormone Expand eMHP-DTI
Melatonin Profile - Genova
Post Menopause -PostM - DTI
Thyroid Comprehensive - Genova

Metabolic Tests
Cardio Health(CV) - Genova
Cellular Energy Profile - Genova
Metabolic Analysis Profile - Genova
Metabolic Nutrient Profile - USBT
Oxidative Stress Analysis - Genova

Nutritional Tests
Amino Acid Panel - DDI
Better Brain Profile -Genova
Nutrient Analysis - Spectra Cell
Fatty Acids-Bloodspot - Genova
Toxic Metals-Blood - Genova
Hair Toxic Element Exposure_DDI

NutrEval - Genova
Hair Eletrolyte Heavy Metal -ARL
Toxic Element Clearance - Genova
Immunology Tests
Allergy 96 Foods+16 vegetar- USBT
Allergy 96 Foods - US BioTek
llergy 96 Vegeterian Foods- USBT
Allergy 16 Airbornes -US BioTek
Environmental Pollutants-11- USBT
Allergy Food or Inhalants - Genova
Allergix Food 30 Bloodspot- Genova
Mold Profile - Genova
Gluten Sensitivity Array1-CYR
Gluten Autoimmune Array 3-CYR
Gluten Associated Cross Rreactive Foods Array 4 Cyrex Labs
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Comprehensive Detoxification Profile $195.00
The innovative Detoxification Profile from Genova Diagnostics assesses the body's capacity to carry out detoxification through functional challenges-caffeine, acetaminophen, and salicylate-which evaluate specific aspects of the detoxification process and free radical damage. These functional assessments provide a comprehensive profile of the body's detoxification capacity and potential susceptibility to oxidative damage.

This test measures the clearance of challenge substances in two salivary specimens; the products of detoxifying reactions are also assessed in an overnight urine specimen. In the Comprehensive version of this profile, the urine specimen is analyzed for levels of lipid peroxides. In addition, various oxidative markers are assessed from fasting blood specimens taken the morning after the challenge. These tests are sensitive indicators of biological detoxification status.

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Call to set up a nutritional consultation so that tests can be performed and a comprehensive strategy of lifestyle, dietary modification and nutrient supplementation can be implemented to aid you in reversing this disorder.

For an appointment, contact our office at: 800-956-7083 or 818 707-3126.

Dr. Rispoli, Ph.D., L. Ac. has had a clinical practice for over 20 years. Her programs work because she is so thorough in testing and providing a nutritional approach. Remember that the body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients.
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